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Knownhost, one of the best VPS service provider i have used so far. Honestly, i have used 3 VPS services so far but Knownhost made me to stay with their hosting service for long time. I am using Hostgator Reseller hosting package for nearly 8 years and counting. Many of my client websites are hosted with hostgator and i tried hostgator vps for several months, but when it comes to resources knownhost is the king. Hostgator is so famous these days and that may be the reason i am getting delayed response for my tickets. Its not a complaint as i am still happy with hostgator reseller hosting and i will use them in coming years as well. I thought to come up with Knownhost Review to share my views to tell you how their Support and VPS hosting experience is, since i have hosted a website for 2 years with them and continuing.

knownhost new plans and discounts

When i get an email saying that one of my website uses more resources and it could be because of traffic or more plugins or component usage. I advice my clients to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated server environment for better resource consumption and to serve more traffic than what they are getting currently. When you give correct recommendations clients will always accept it.

Knownhost Uptime Report

pingdom knownhost uptime

Knownhost Delivers the best Uptime as it promises. I get more than 99.50% uptime in my pingdom monitoring report every month. This is one more reason to love knownhost.

Knownhost Review

I love knownhost, and they are the best when it comes to Quality and Quick Customer Support by answering and solving technical troubles with my VPS Hosting server. The only thing i thought missing from the knownhost website was live chat support. But it is not needed at all. I am very much comfortable with the email ticket support system they have in place. I get quick replies for my questions that i send to support team. Its really really faster than any web hosting service provider i have tried in these 10 years. I am one happy knownhost customer and hosted my website for 2 years and enjoying the free perks as well đŸ™‚


You will not feel that you are missing the chat support to get your questions answered or problems solved with your hosting when you are with Knownhost.

Why VPS Hosting ?

Dedicated web hosting is not affordable for all. If you want the same level of features but for low cost, then VPS is the best choice to make. Virtual Private Server is an environment that uses Virtualization Technology to use the hardware and resources effectively. In shared hosting if one website uses more resources, then the chances of your website hosted in the same server may get affected as well. But this wont happen with Virtual Private Servers. You will be assigned CPU, RAM and Hard disk space with your choice of Operating System installed on your VPS.

  • Run any apps or software just like you do in Dedicated server.
  • Dedicated IP to run some services like SSL or any Digital Certificate from your website.
  • You choose the hardware that you wanted, hence no waste of resources. You can upgrade more RAM or Storage if you wanted in future.
  • VPS is best for websites that host videos, applications and custom softwares that will required dedicated server. VPS can save you hundreds of dollars every month.
  • Good Dedicated server hosting costs minimum of 150$ per month, where you can buy a VPS from 25$ a month.
  • Shared hosting always has limitations in CPU Resources and RAM usage.
  • VPS Hosting is meant for websites that uses more components, plugins, add ons or some special applications that may require more RAM and CPU to run.

So if you are ready to move your website to a VPS Hosting environment, then read below to decide how Knownhost VPS Hosting can help you not just to save more money, also to get best Customer support and Technical support. We do have a Knownhost Coupon Code to get a 15% lifetime discount when you buy it today.

VPS Hosting Packages and Plans

I took the basic knownhost vps hosting package initially couple of years ago. Then upgraded to a better plan to suit my requirement. Every year i get some free extra RAM and Storage from knownhost. Its a good way to treat the existing customers. I got lifetime 10% offer plus extra free hardware upgrades to my VPS plan to power it up better in all aspects. Free RAM and Free Disk Space upgrades happen yearly once, without any Setup Fees. cPanel and WHM makes it totally easy for you to manage one or multiple websites hosted in your VPS account.

knownhost new plans and discounts

Knownhost Plans are affordable and comes with great addons. Once you have ordered a VPS Package, you will get the account activated in 2 to 4 hours. If you have a website already and want to migrate it to your Knownhost VPS server, the support team can do it for Free. You can host unlimited domains in your account. You get 2 dedicated IP addresses to create custom white label nameservers for free, that means you can run your own web hosting company also.

Free Automated Backup

Knownhost provides Free backup of your VPS every other night and it is completely automated. Backup is recommended and a must follow practice when you have a website. Anything can happen, and you may loose your entire website data one day. So it is better to backup regularly to make sure the loss is minimum or nothing.

Choose your Control Panel

I prefer cPanel as my previous hosting company was powered with cPanel. It was a breeze to move from old hosting to new hosting as i simply do the backup transfer myself. You can do a backup cpanel to cpanel transfer within seconds by following the tutorial i have linked. Once done, i simply created a ticket by sending an email to support @ to process the backup file. The tutorial i have suggested will be great for websites that has more data in it and the backup file is huge in size. You dont have to download it locally and upload it again to your new webhosting or vps account wasting your time and bandwidth. Also there are chances of getting a corrupted backup from cpanel if your internet connection has some trouble.


cPanel is ultimate choice you can make while getting a new VPS from knownhost. They also provide other control panel choices to you. Plesk and DirectAdmin are other two choices that you can make to install on your VPS server. If you want a VPS server without a control panel, then you can mention it too, where you can manage it completely via Command Line.

How about Downtime ?

Honestly, i faced very few and rare downtime because of some service crash like httpd and other apache related services. But i get an email notification once an automagic restart has been done for the same failed service. Automated email system is so excellent that helps me to keep an eye on my website. If you have no idea about the email that you have received from your VPS server, just forward that email to your support team and they will reply to you quickly with more details about the error, reason it happened and status of the error as well.

There was no downtime at all.

Knownhost Coupon Code

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Get 30% OFF with Knownhost VPS Hosting

You have made a wonderful choice today by choosing Knownhost VPS to host your website. Also, checkout the latest knownhost ssd vps review to know about their new service for faster website hosting.

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